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Poster snapshots - Wildlife

On display Tuesday and Wednesday

Poster #36 - Nicole Hellessey
Fine scale 3 dimensional dive behaviour of Antarctic fur seals along the Kerguelen Plateau
Poster #37 - Jessie McEldowney
Dietary analysis of Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii) as concluded from scat collection in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Poster #38 - Janaya Banks
Combining bio-logging and fatty acid signature analysis indicates spatio-temporal variation in the diet of the southern elephant seal, Mirounga leonina
Poster #39 - Marine Desprez
Live fast and die young; the cost of early breeding in southern elephant seals
Poster #40 - Vicki Hamilton
Energetic variability in toothed whales and relationships with a changing marine environment
Poster #41 - Andrea Walters
Quantifying the trophic linkages of Antarctic marine predators
Poster #42 - Kerrie Swadling
Exploring algae - zooplankton relationships in the East Antarctic sea ice zone using Stable Isotope Mixing Models
Poster #44 - Victoria Wadley
The Antarctic Blue Whale Project
Poster #45 - Mary-Anne Lea
Home-range overlap and site fidelity in the winter foraging movements of Antarctic fur seals
Poster #46 - Mary-Anne Lea
First at-sea telemetry of two threatened populations of pinniped from Campbell Island, New Zealand
Poster #47 - Mark Hindell
Using animal telemetry data to identify areas of ecological significance in the Southern Ocean
Poster #48 - John Lesku
You snooze, you lose: adaptive sleep loss in polygynous pectoral sandpipers

Latest news

  • Conference prize winners
    27 Jun 2013

    The Strategic Science in Antarctica conference concluded yesterday and two days of workshops have commenced. Congratulations to those who were awarded prizes for their contributions to the conference.

  • Watch the welcome message from Australia's Environment Minister
    24 Jun 2013

    In a welcome message via video from Canberra, Australia’s Environment Minister, Tony Burke, reflected on the foresight of earlier decision-makers who agreed to set aside an entire continent for scientific research.

  • Last minute information for attendees
    20 Jun 2013

    There's not too long to wait until the start of the Strategic Science in Antarctica conference, and we hope you’re as excited as we are! Read on for more information about the final program, registration, Twitter, presenters, posters and social functions.

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Key dates

  • 11th June 2013
    Registrations close
  • 21st June 2013
    Registrations at the AAD open for staff
  • 24th June 2013
    Registrations at the venue open
  • 24th June 2013
    Conference commences
  • 26th June 2013
    Conference concludes

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