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Poster snapshots - Human impacts

On display Monday and Tuesday

Poster #19 - Susan Bengtson Nash
The effect of migration and fasting on organochlorine contaminant burdens in southern hemisphere humpback whales
Poster #20 - Elizabeth Richardson
Microorganisms as indicators of the health of fuel impacted Antarctic soils
Poster #21 - Kaitlyn Close
Quantifying human movements in the Australian Antarctic Territory: implications for intra-regional propagule transfer
Poster #22 - Frances Alexander
Assessing the toxicity of dispersed and weathered fuels on Antarctic marine invertebrates
Poster #23 - Karli Verghese
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the last frontier: quantifying the environmental impacts and environmental impact reduction strategy for Australia's Antarctic infrastructure
Poster #24 - Melissa Houghton
Pathways and vectors for the introduction of non-indigenous invertebrate species to the subantarctic and Antarctic region
Poster #25 - Gabriella Macoustra
Development of soil remediation guidelines for Macquarie island: sensitivity assessment of germination in native subantarctic flora
Poster #27 - Anna Nydahl
Sensitivity and response of Antarctic moss, terrestrial algae and cyanobacteria to fuel contamination
Poster #28 - Danielle Camenzuli
Development of in-situ remediation technologies applicable to metal contaminated sites in Antarctica
Poster #45 - Llara MacGilloway
PCAS Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies: a unique opportunity to enhance Antarctic education and outreach
Poster #46 - Gabriela Roldan
The world's best Antarctic attraction? A case study of the role of visitor attractions in promoting a greater understanding of Antarctica

Latest news

  • Conference prize winners
    27 Jun 2013

    The Strategic Science in Antarctica conference concluded yesterday and two days of workshops have commenced. Congratulations to those who were awarded prizes for their contributions to the conference.

  • Watch the welcome message from Australia's Environment Minister
    24 Jun 2013

    In a welcome message via video from Canberra, Australia’s Environment Minister, Tony Burke, reflected on the foresight of earlier decision-makers who agreed to set aside an entire continent for scientific research.

  • Last minute information for attendees
    20 Jun 2013

    There's not too long to wait until the start of the Strategic Science in Antarctica conference, and we hope you’re as excited as we are! Read on for more information about the final program, registration, Twitter, presenters, posters and social functions.

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Key dates

  • 11th June 2013
    Registrations close
  • 21st June 2013
    Registrations at the AAD open for staff
  • 24th June 2013
    Registrations at the venue open
  • 24th June 2013
    Conference commences
  • 26th June 2013
    Conference concludes

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